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Since I was young languages have fascinated me, so much so that I started to learn English at the age of seven and German at the age of twelve. At school I especially chose a course which involved equal weighting in both English and German so that I could achieve a high level of competence and understanding in both languages by the end of the school.

I have also enjoyed the study of contemporary society at school, which involved the social and political issues of the day. I feel this area would be quite beneficial to me in my future career. To support this work I keep up to date with world events and read newspapers in both English and German. Studying Geography at a good level has also allowed me to widen my knowledge of the world and as I want to travel extensively in the future to experience different cultures and meet lots of people, I have found it very supportive to my language studies.

I am looking forward to spending the third year of my course studying abroad, divided equally between England and Germany. I have wanted a career using languages for many years; this is because I really enjoy communicating and working with other people. Every summer I go to England to my friend and have a great opportunity to improve my language skills. I have found this experience very helpful, especially being able to talk to and listen to native speakers. I had the opportunity to take part in an exchange visit to Dessau in Germany, I really enjoyed being able to speak German most of the time, although it was a bit daunting at first, and my confidence grew by the end of the week. My family and I acted as host families for...