Personality Reflection

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People come in many shapes and sizes. Some are big some are small, some are fat and some are tall. People have many similarities. Unless one is born deformed of physical body parts, we all have a head, two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth, a neck, a back, a pair of shoulders, two arms, two hands with four fingers and a thumb each, a waist, two legs and two feet with five toes. So physically, we are basically the same. What makes us different from one another is the personality inside of us. A personality is the way one shows one's identity of who he or she is.

The way I would define personality would be by the characteristics one shows in different situations. For instance, in an emergency situation, how does one act? Is the person acting calmly displaying clear thinking, or is the person's personality more of a panic nature displaying unclear thinking.

Another example is the way one continuously acts in a social environment such as work or social gatherings. The repeated character one displays in the two environments help sum up one's personality on whom he or she is.

Some key personality traits that define who I am are calmness. When confronted with most situations, I calmly analyze the situation to find ways to overcome the situation. Another personality trait that defines me is introverted. Although I may not be categorized as shy, I am reserved when meeting new people and meeting in new social environments. I am the type of person who likes to analyze new people before I open up to them and show them who I am. The same goes for social environments. Some people can attend a social environment and immediately start talking and holding conversations. I...