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Dear Tooele City Council, Valentines Day, when people share, cherish and love, turns out as one of the worst holidays. Every year, this holiday has furthered cavities from sweets, It promoted unhealthy diets, and more littering. Due to these reasons, the Tooele City Council should ban any sort of candy buying, selling, or consuming on the Valentines Day. By analyzing the bad influences from the chocolates, bagged candies, and lollipops, any sorts of candies should be banned from the store on the Valentines Day.

Because the chocolates cause so many cavities, it should be banned from the store for at least a day. Examples of these sweet chocolates are the heart chocolates and Kisses chocolates. These chocolates cause so much tooth decay, and more and more people begin visiting the dentist. Also these chocolates have too much calories, promoting unhealthy diets for many people.

Since the bagged candies are usually sticky and hard, it causes cavities to many young children.

Examples of these sticky and hard candies are the Skittles and sweet hearts. Skittles stick to your teeth and aggravate them. Sweet hearts are hard, thus weakening your teeth.

Lollipops promote the littering in our area. They are in one by one units, so you just eat it and throw the wrapper away naturally. It is an common habit for many people. And this littering ruins our environment. Examples of these lollipops are the Cool Kids and Jolly Ranchers. These candies should be banned for at least a day, leading a step to a cleaner environment.

So in conclusion any sort of candy buying, selling, or consuming on Valentines Day should be banned because the candies further cavities from sweets, promote unhealthy diets, and promote littering. If for one-day people stop buying candies, it can bring...