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PHARAX-D : - (medical clinic) History:- PHARAX-D was established in 13 years ago in 1987. PHARAX-D which started as a small clinic has now successfully changed in to a huge hospital with 184 rooms. The owner and initiator of this project is Mr. Syed Adnan and is still running the hospital quite successfully. PHARAX-D is situated at WHADAT road(Lahore). The area of this hospital is about 4-canals and has a staff of 58 people including the doctors, the nurses and the lower staff. PHARAX-D treats various kinds of diseases including cancer, mental illnesses, dental diseases etc. Not only this but PAHRAX-D has its own labs testing labs and uses state of the art technology to cure its patients. PAHARX-D is visited by 40 to 44 patients regularly not only this but the medical staff also has the responsibility of looking after patients staying in the hospital. The main problem they face comes in the record keeping department.

Which contain the files and record of all the patients who visit the hospital.

The Staff:- PAHARX-D has a total staff of 58 people which consist of Doctors, Nurses and the lower staff. The staff members are as follows: - DOCTORS:- There are 19 doctors various doctors ranging from e.n.t specialists to brain surgeons. Seven of these doctors have a night shift whereas the other twelve work in the day.

NURSES:- There are a total of 22 nurses out of which 8 have a night shift and the other 14 work in the day. The night shift starts from 12 at midnight to 12 in the noon.

LAB WORKERS:- There are a total of 5 lab workers who carry out a range of tests using the state of the art technology from urine tests to blood test.

They work from...