Philosophical ruminations

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According to Ambrose Pierce, "all are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusions is called a philosopher." This statement suggests that a person who spends much of his time contemplating ideas about life is in constant development of philosophical possibilities. The first dictionary definition of the word philosophy reads that it is "the study of the principles underlying all real knowledge." This provides a general, somewhat vague and technical concept of the significance of the word. The following one, however seems to be a more insightful elaboration into the seemingly ambiguous term; it defines philosophy as "a system for guiding life." Under that interpretation, philosophy takes on a profound meaning for my own life.

As people of all ages, particularly in adolescence, we are constantly searching for the meaning of our own existence and the pathways we would like to follow. Hence, consciously or unconsciously, we, as individuals, either follow the philosophies implied by the guidelines set by our parents and the manner in which we interact with our peers or we create our own.

My philosophies are shaped by the influences of those I love and respect, but mostly by my own experiences and growing understanding of myself and the world around me. The following is a diary of the philosophical ruminations which guide my outlook on life. Mind that these are merely my opinions resulting in an analysis of the events of my life and the conclusions drawn from my feelings about them. I am also fully aware that it is more than likely that these ponderings will change to reflect the various stages of enlightenment I reach in my development toward and through my adulthood.

We, as individuals can either follow the footprints in the sand or create new ones. The world is a vast ocean...