Phyician Assisted Suicide. Religious, Moral, Economic, and Historical aspects concerning Physician Assisted suicide.

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Should Physician Assisted Suicide Be Legalized?

Physician assisted suicide, or enabling terminally ill patients to die, is a rather controversial topic that not only delves into humanitarian issues, but also financial and legal sides. . Through this research, I intend to prove that assisted suicide would have adverse effects if legalized. Not only would the physicians have the power to suggest this option, but they could also ignore alternative solutions. The physician may also ignore or misunderstand patient ambivalence, and even put to death patients who have not requested it What is the historical background of assisted suicide? Should physician assisted suicide be legalized? Would legalizing physician assisted suicide help the financial concerns of the family and our nation? How does religion play a part? These, among many others, are the controversial questions surrounding physician assisted suicide. The objectives of this research will be to understand the complex motives surrounding physician assisted suicide.

I have chosen this topic due to the controversy surrounding physician assisted suicide. I feel that this topic is important to the rights of the patient and their family. Some people feel that physician assisted suicide should be illegal, while others feel that it is the right of guardians caring for terminally ill patients. Other questions surrounding this topic include prosecution of doctors who help patients achieve peace, the rights of people to control their own death, and the possibility of euthanasia resulting from legalizing this option. For these reasons I am opposed to assisted suicide.

To understand the complex idea of assisted suicide one should review how history has viewed this option. "The Right to Die" is a chronological look at the view of assisted suicide . Humphrey, the author, constructs a historical look into death, and cultures who endorse it. Humphrey's analysis begins with...