"The Pit and the Pendulum" Edgar Allen Poe

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The beginning of the movie starts out with Frances ,who is dressed in black, driving in a carriage toward Nicholis' castle and a driver who is afraid to get close to the

castle probably because Nicholis' father ,Sebastion, was a judge of the Spanish Inquistion. Frances arrives at the castle and finds that Elizabeth ,Frances dead sister, wasn't buried. Family tradition is that the a body not be buried. Elizabeth had died three months before Frances' arrival at the castle. Catherine ,Nicholis' sister, is at the castle ,but she does not live their she is just visiting for a week. Elizabeth's doctor ,Doctor Leone, tells Frances that she died from something in her blood. Doctor Leone was last to see Elizabeth. The castle is a very wealthy. Elizabeth's room is very unique full of past and riches. Nicholis is very upset with her death and he says that life is meaningless without Elizabeth.

Elizabeth use to play the harpsichord when she was alive for Nicholis. Catherine turns out to really live in Barcelona, Spain and is just visiting to see how Nicholis is doing. Doctor Leone finally tells Frances that his sister really died of shock. Even before Elizabeth's death Nicholis' physical health is not well. Elizabeth could not keep herself away from the torture chamber. Elizabeth seemed to be obsessed with the atmosphere of the torture chamber. They found Elizabeth dead in the torture chamber. Nicholis and Doctor Leone were together when they found Elizabeth dead. Frances finds it difficult to believe Nicholis that he just found her dead and not that he killed her. Nicholis seems to be very ashamed of what his father did during the Spanish Inquisition. During a flashback when Nicholis was a little boy his father did not let him into the...