Popular Culture         Popular culture has an influence on society each

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Popular Culture Popular culture has an influence on society each and every day. Even though I have never taken the subject of pop culture into a great deal of consideration when concerning my being as a whole, our discussion in class helped me realize that it truly plays a tremendous role in my life. Pop culture has a great affect on the way I think, the way I live, the clothes I wear, the food I eat, and numerous other factors of my life. Music, movies, television, art, celebrities, idols, and popular fashions are all part of popular culture. Personally, each and every factor of popular culture deals with some aspect of my everyday life. It helps me to decide what to wear each day, which movie to see on Saturday night, which song is my favorite, and much, much more.

Culture deals with society, especially in regards to its technology and arts.

Whatever becomes popular has mass appeal and attracts people. Therefore, culture goes hand in hand with whatever items are popular at any given time. I am my own individual, do not get me wrong, but my personal culture deals greatly with the popular aspects of life. Popular culture has a tremendous influence on the person I truly am.