Positive factors regarding Human Cloning.

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Human Cloning

Human cloning refers to the production of genetically identical humans; however, the identical twin will only be identical through their DNA and would not have the same characteristics as the donor twin. I am an advocate of this medical research; people who are receptive should not ban the research by the mere mention of human cloning. It is unjust to deny every possibility of life and better life by overlooking the possible benefits that human cloning may offer. The people have the right to know and the right to make an educated decision to choose life or to choose to be in the shadows of ignorance. The constant drama against human cloning seem to be non-related to ethical ideas but seems to deal with the fears of a broken routine in one's life.

The problems that are facing the research are the abandonment of the possible benefits, the abandonment of the possible knowledge that the medical field could retain, and the abandonment of the program itself.

According to Alonzo Fyfe, a biologist and author of Against a Prohibition on Cloning, many people are afraid of "the risk of abuse in human cloning." His response was "There is a similar risk of abuse in all medical technology". He was confronted with the question "If humans were created in God's image, humans created by humans will be created in whose image?" In reply, "People are created by humans..." He continues with the consequences of sexual intercourse as the human causation of making a child. Fyfe's response to "A number of defects have occurred in human cloning" was "Every human is born defective in some way." When it was mentioned that cloning goes against nature, he gave examples of how people have been defying nature as early as using fire to...