The Possibilities of Space Exploration

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Space exploration has been booming in the past year. In years to come, it will dramatically increase. So far this year, there have been many missions. A probe, Stardust, obtained comet dust while passing Comet Wild. Also, a rover successfully landed on Mars. President Bush has also announced that in the next 30 years, humans will be sent to further explore the moon, Mars and some asteroids. Many more plans have been made. Another rover, Opportunity, will land on Mars. New robots will be launched in the next couple of years, and a mission to Mars will occur around 2015. In May, a probe will be sent to Mercury. NASA is sending a spacecraft to fly around Venus and Mercury, hopefully creating a map of the planet. In February, the European Space Agency will send a robot to land on a comet. In July, they will also send a spacecraft to orbit Saturn.

Near the end of the year, NASA will launch a probe into the path of Comet Tempel 1, in an attempt to blast a crater into it. Within the next decade, scientists are predicting a new type of spacecraft to be used, one that can take off and land like an airplane.

Over 250 other scientists are researching the effects of living by Mars time. Mars's day is 39 minutes and 35 seconds longer than Earth's. In order for a mission to go to Mars, astronauts must be used to the planet's orbit. NASA scientists needed information on sleeping, so they asked top sleep experts. But by accident, the experts began to use the scientists as an experiment. The sleep experts hooked the scientists up with little devices that monitor the effects the body endures when waking up at different times. At Boston's Brigham and...