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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)Posttraumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder. It occurs when a person have experienced a traumatic event. A trauma is a horrifying event which the person has exposed to life threatening saturations. It's most common in solders have experienced combats when they see others around him die or his own life close to being taken. It also happens to the survivors of accidents or victims of a crime. The clients who suffer from PTSD will have trouble feeling safe. From 2002-2007 the number of clients with a PTSD condition increased from 3,501 to 10,252. The rate is even higher in women than in men. 3-58% solders in combats have a chance to develop PTSD.

Cause:When a person have experienced intense fear and helplessness while being exposed to a life threatening conditions such as war, rape, car or plane crash, kidnapping, violent assaults sexual and physical abuse.

They sometime develop suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorder. The chance of getting PTSD depends on precious trauma; predisposing mental health condition; the severity of the traumatic event. The near death experiences involving other people have a higher rate of causing PTSD.

Symptoms:The symptoms of PTSD includes instant anger, panic, anxious, having hard time falling asleep, nightmares Flash backs which means the client can relive the trauma, acting and feeling the event is happening again. The clients may avoid things that remind them the trauma. They may also show sign of personality change and lose interests in activities. Sense of limited future, guilt, shame or self-blame.

Treatments:Early treatment is better, the symptoms may get worse dealing with them early may stop them from getting worse. PTSD can affect physical health problems such as heart troubles. Family therapy helps family members understand what the client is going though.

Medications help with...