"Prescription for Excellence" book review- Micheal Rachlis, MD

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1. According to Rachlis (2004), money is not the main issue when it comes to medicare. Even though he agrees more funding is needed, he claims the main issue is poor organization and administration of services. He believes the health care system does not deal well with chronic illness and is more geared towards acute illness. Rachlis (2004) stated " There has been a major change in the pattern of illness since we first started debating medicare over a hundred years ago" (p.55). This seems to come from the way medicare was arranged and also the changes in the pattern of disease and illness. The population needs to take better care of their health in general; but in order for them to have the knowledge to do so, they need to be educated on what a healthy lifestyle actually consists of. Prevention of illness is the key to a better medicare system.

More health promotion and disease prevention must be taught for us as a society to become healthier in our choices.

Before I read this book, I would have thought the medicare system was under funded and that was the reason for all the problems. I do agree now that all it would take to have a successful system is to re-organize it differently and I believe the best people to do this are not the ones in government but an outside party that seems to understand what needs to be done.

2. The Romonow report has been unfulfilled, as it was not taken seriously by the premiers. They thought of his report as "the feds opening gambit in a new game in a long running match"(Rachlis, 2004, p.42). They did not view his report as an answer to everything. Romonow, in his report, did not present an overall...