Pride and Prejudice by Lydia Bennet

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Elizabeth Russell

Assignment 1: Pride and Prejudice

June 16, 2014

I am Miss Lydia Bennet. I am fifteen years old and the youngest sister to Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, and Kitty. I quite like to shop for beautiful things like bonnets and ribbon, and I know all the best ways to get the attentions of young men. Recently, a most handsome and wealthy gentleman by the name of Charles Bingley had come to live at the manor of Netherfield Park. His arrival caused quite a stir in my home, especially for my mother who suffers from a nervous condition. It's no secret that that she wishes for us all to be married before we all end up penniless and homeless when my cousin Mr. Collins inherits my father's property. It is a ridiculous practice that only male kin can acquire family property, so that leaves me and my sisters to marry and find homes of our own.

To get the attention of Mr. Bingley my mother, and my sisters and I were in attendance at a ball at which he was present. I had such a splendid time and was never once without a dance partner. Of course, the dancing is the most important part of a ball. Mr. Bingley seemed quite delightful in nature and danced mostly with my sister Jane who became exhaustingly admired by many. Least spectacular was Mr. Bingley's friend Mr. Darcy. He was most disagreeable and spent most of the evening sitting and barely engaging with anyone.

My sister Jane, being quite taken with Mr. Bingley made a trip to visit him at the manor of Netherfield Park. My mother cleverly made sure that her visit would be longer than expected. She traveled there by horseback and became ill from being caught in a downpour. My...