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This essay evaluates through a multitude of examples the overwhelming probability of extra terrestrial life in our Solar System. By describing the requirements of life as the presence of a liquid, an energy source, and organic molecules the probability of life existing elsewhere in our Solar System can be proven. By analyzing different variations of said requirements and going beyond the scope of Earth's environment, the essay displays the multitude of available locations in our Solar System.

The wide sweeping nature of organic molecules is evaluated based on their origin from the Kuiper belt; thus proving that their displacement is over most of the solar system.

The requirement for an energy source is further evaluated and alternative solutions are provided. These alternate solutions cancel out the need for a planet to be a certain distance from the sun. For example, the use of friction in Saturn and Jupiter's moon as an alternative heat source.

In addition, certain adaptions from species on Earth have proven the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

A liquid's presence in a living environment is further widened by the possibility for alternate liquids outside the boundaries of water. In addition, the possibility for life underneath the surface is also proven through Mar's similarity with the Antarctic tundra.

In conclusion, this essay will give an over arching evaluation of the possibility of life in our Solar System through examples based on conditions within Earth's environment, but also show what variations may arise on other planets.

Table of Contents:

Title Page: Page 1

Abstract: Page 2

Introduction: Page 3

Body of Paper: Page 3 to Page 11

Conclusion: Page 11

Work Sited: Page 12

Are We Alone?

Research Question: What is the probability of the existence of extra terrestrial life in our solar system?

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