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Part III: Problem Analysis

Take a moment and think about your personal care routine. Take a shower,

wash your hair, and brush your teeth. Pretty standard. When you go to the

store to purchase your family's personal products, do you just assume that

the products will not harm you? If it is on the store shelf, it must be safe, right. Wrong

Did you know that nearly all the mainstream personal care products sold in

most stores contain carcinogens, toxins, or contaminates that have not

been fully researched by the FDA. Every time you use personal care products, you could be exposing yourself to potentially dangerous elements that could lead to dire results.

Current statistics show that 44 million people do not have any health

insurance and 76 million are underinsured. More people are making the serious mistake of putting off early maternity care, routine physicals, well child visits, physical therapy, dental care, hearing, and vision care.

The possibility of ending up living with devastating consequences is inevitable.

*More than half of the U.S. Adult population is overweight.

*Alarmingly, Adult and teenage diabetes has more than doubled since 1980.

*Up to 50% of all Adult Americans will die of heart disease.

*Up to one out of three Adult Americans will contact cancer at least once in their lifetime.

We are living in an age of health advice. Food is not simply food, but a nutrition delivery system. No one needs to inform the laggards among us that we should be exercising. We know already! All the coaching we are getting -- and, more important, following -- has had a remarkable effect. More Americans are living longer. Demographers say that one of the fastest growing age groups is the "old" -- people age 85 and over. Not only, that, but more...