Professsional Challenge : asserting your needs.

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Professional Challenge - Asserting Your Needs

From all the elements that construct assertiveness I would select being decisive as my weakest side. I do not have problem with remaining calm or being persistent but I have difficult time when it comes to saying "no" to other people. Sometimes I even notice that others abuse my readiness to help and take advantage of me but it is quite problematic for me to refuse help and I especially have troubles when it comes to being decisive while dealing with my superiors. Therefore I selected activity number one from category Being Decisive.

Many times when I work with my customers I am interrupted by my managers or customer service with they requests. Most of their interruptions in my opinion should never take place and not only hold me back from my customers and makes my work more difficult but it also lowers quality of our service and irritate our customers who have to wait longer for sales person.

I decided to make a list of things that I will not answer while helping customers and I will let my management and customer service know about it.

I will say "no" to my managers while asked:

1. To have quick meeting to look at his last email from the main office.

2. To review my last sale that happen to have small profit margin.

3. To call customer to update information since he has been working on this customer's order at that moment.

I will say "no" to customer service while asked:

1. To pick up the phone from the customer that have question that could be answered by customer service person.

2. To change authorization numbers on my sale.

3. To finish my paper work for the last sale since they want...