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The occupation I chose is to be a Psychiatrist.

I chose this profession because I like to communicate with people, and I also like to help people. I am also a very sociable person. I would enjoy this career because each day would be interesting and this type of job would keep me upbeat. I have experienced many problems and dilemmas throughout my life. I have helped friends and family grieve in the toughest times. And I really believe I can help people because I am optimistic, and I try to always look at the good side of things.

There are many tasks in this occupation that I would have to do each day. For example, I would be diagnosing patients with emotional and behavioral disorders. I would also prescribe medication and administer psychotherapeutic treatments to treat their disorders. I would also be conducting a series of diagnostic tests on patients to gather information on their general physical and mental health.

I would be maintaing records on my patients. Then evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment procedures and alter treatment plans as necessary. This would also include informing guardians, relatives and significant others of the patients condition and treatment. And each day I would also review medical and psychiatric journals and other literature to increase my understanding of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.

This job makes very good salary. In the Saint Louis area, the average entry-level hourly wage is thirty-three dollars. As you continue and become more experienced, your average hourly wage increases up to eighty-six dollars. You may also take extra hours, irregular hours, weekend hours, and overtime hours. In this job you get very involved with your patients. (exploring careers)

There are many requirements as far as schooling goes for this occupation. You need four...