Psychological Effect of War on Civilians

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Psychological Effect of War on Civilians (Solution) - Essay

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War has been the solution for political conflicts between opposing groups for thousands of years. However, not until recent years has the psychological effect of war finally been more closely examined. We are more aware of the psychological effects that war can have on soldiers, but war is also a traumatizing time for the civilian populations. Civilians witness the same horrific events as soldiers and they need proper treatment in order to get better. The question is, how do we stop the psychological effects that war causes? Ideally, stopping wars all together would fix it, but that is, sad to say, unrealistic. What we can do, however, is reduce the damage that these illnesses bring to them. War induced mental illnesses in civilians can be treated by spreading the seriousness of mental illnesses and thereby reducing the stigma about it and creating mental health programs and clinics for treatment in these war effected areas.

The problem for many countries after war is that when they are going through reconstruction and rehabilitation processes, they are treating people for their physical medical needs, but there's no focus on the psychological needs. Psychological illnesses are very complicated and to get treatment you need access to professionals and several support clinics and groups. In developing countries, psychological health services aren't available or are under-utilized. In fact, the percentage of people who need mental health care, but don't receive treatment ranges from 44% to 70%. With almost 20% of countries not having at least one common antidepressant, one antipsychotic, and one antiepileptic medication available in primary care settings, it's difficult for some to get proper treatment.

By creating mental health programs and organizations in these underdeveloped countries, we...