Psychological tests and measurements: Beck Depression Inventory

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AbstractThis paper will analyze the facets of psychological tests and measurements by analyzing the Beck Depression Inventory. This analysis will examine two articles relating to the Beck Depression Inventory and will determine the uses, users, and settings of the measure.

Beck Depression InventoryPsychological testing and measure has developed and progressed and is used in a wide variety of settings by a wide variety of individuals. Testing can assist helping professionals in determining illness or deficiency and help create unique and individual treatment plans. Encyclopedia Britannica defines the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) as "a 21-item self-administered test, measures subjective experiences, and psychological symptoms associated with depression" (Beck Depression Inventory, 2009). By analyzing two articles regarding BDI, Team A has been able to determine the uses, users, and setting in which the Beck Depression Inventory is applicable and how this psychological measure is beneficial in psychological disciplines as well as other scientific fields.

Discovering the Beck Depression InventoryIn article one, Assessing the Reliability of Beck Depression Inventory Scores: Reliability Generalization across Studies, Fan & Yin state that the Beck Depression Inventory as the most popular measurement of depression (2000). BDI is a measurement that has been applied to various fields such as clinical psychology. The primary purpose of BDI is to use the meta-analytic reliability generalization procedure to discuss the reliability of the score. BDI has many factors that can affect the results, yet the meta-analytic approach seeks to observe the factors that affect the reliability score of the BDI. Through extensive research, researchers have used the meta-analytic approach to understand the factors that affect the reliability of estimates, and the form of measurement conditions depending on whether the score is low or high. Typically, there is a significant difference in variability, yet meta-analytic approach seeks to...