Racial Profiling

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What Methods has society used to transform people into a race? It is a fact that thru biological basis race does not exist. It has been created due to society as a whole. Socially we have been led to believe that we are different racially.

It started when the Europeans discovered America. They wanted to expand it and needed workers to work the land. So they captured Africans and made them into slaves. This Africans had a higher level of melanin in their skin. Therefore they were darker, Black to the Europeans. That's how they classified this African slaves, as blacks. By so doing so, they classified themselves as whites. And that's how the process of turning people into a race started, but it would not end there.

Racial-Social Darwinism emerged in Europe, which was the idea that other people from Africa, Latin America, due to their color of their skin were weaker.

Therefore classifying them into a race again. In the 1900's comes the Rise of Racial Science. Race becomes a scientific study in Europe and North America. France and England penetrate Asian countries and discover a new type of person. They called them, "Mongoloids" due to their yellow skin color and eye fold. Native Americans were called, "Ammo red Indians", or, "Reds". Because of their red skin color. In 1850's English settlers penetrate to Australia and call this people, "Australoids", because their skin was another type of black. In Africa another race was created called, " the brown race or less Negroid race". And even among themselves, in Europe they started classifying races.

Race was made up to classify people as less than humans, and African slaves get the bad end of this deal. When Ben Franklin wrote the 35 Compromise, he made blacks legally less...