A Raisin in the Sun

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"A Raisin in the Sun"Director: Daniel Petrie"A Raisin in the Sun" is a film about a black family living in cramped quarters in an inner-city neighborhood struggling with the effects of racism and the tensions brought on by their plans to move to a single family home in an all white neighborhood. It also shows their efforts to better their situation. The women in this film are strong role models: the mother for a strong and nurturing head of her family; the wife for a loving wife; and the daughter for a black woman determined to be a doctor.

Walter dreams of a better life for his family and himself, a dream of financial security and comfortable living. Ruth, on the other hand is stable and down to earth. She doesn't make rash choices to accommodate a dream. She will just make do with what she has. Lena is a loving person; she is wise but lives in the past.

Lena has a good old value of putting your family first, respecting your mother, and father, and respecting the Lord. She always talked about how her generation won their freedom and was proud to be able to no longer be thought of as slaves. Lena is happy to have her family with and be safe from society. She thinks that money is not something that makes a family happy. Besides dreams Walter also has husband's responsibilities which are universally thought of as being able to support his family and raise his children so they are morally in line with what he believes in. Despite Walter Lee's lack of compassion for anyone else's needs, he expects empathy when it comes to his wants and desires.

Walter Lee deceived everyone into thinking that he put the money in the...