The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

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The Raven By Edgar Allen Poe

The popular Gothic mystery short story ' The Raven' was written in the early 1940's and published in 1945 by a famous American author named Edgar Allen Poe. The story of the 'The Raven' tells of a weak weary narrator who is saddened by his lost love Lenore. He later gets an unexpected visitor in the dead of a dreary December night. At first the man does not see anyone outside when he opens his window to the sound of tapping, however after the second time he opens his window and encounters a Raven who walks like royalty and sits on a sculpted Pallas. However the narrator soon realizes that this Raven is out of the ordinary, seeing that it speaks the word "Nevermore". Although the bird only speaks this word which eventually pushes the narrator to go mad. He sits with the bird asking it questions that get more personal every time.

Eventually he asks the bird if he will see his lost love Lenore in heaven and asks if he will ever be free from his grief in which the bird reply's "Nevermore", this causes the narrator to get angry and ultimately goes mad questioning where the bird came from by accusing the bird of being from "Night's Plutonian shore!" and referring the bird to be a liar and calling the Raven to be a thing of evil. However the bird does not leave and remained sitting on the Pallas. The story ends by the narrator saying that his soul becomes trapped beneath the Raven's shadow and shall be lifted "Nevermore".

The author of ' The Raven', Edgar Allen Poe wrote the story of a narrative without meaning to cause symbolism within the characters. Poe has also said that the story's...