I really enjoyed being in honors chemistry.

Essay by swirusA+, May 2003

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I really enjoyed being in honors chemistry with you this year; you made the class fun and taught us much. I really enjoyed all of the labs that we did and all of the hands on activities that got us involved with what we were studying throughout that chapter. Basically I really enjoyed the class and the teacher. You were humorous, and witty, yet you still taught us what we were supposed to learn. I really liked how you had all of your songs and certain little sayings that pertained to what we were studying throughout the chapters; it helped us remember what we were supposed to learn. I thought it was hilarious when you mentioned your' 'dog, straight out of Compton' referring to Dr. Dre. Also how you listened to all types of music and often mentioned certain things from songs and artists that I wouldn't thing that you listened to.

I don't know, I just like it in a teacher when he/she tries to make the class fun, and has fun while he/she is teaching. Not like the dull teachers who just give you the notes and tell you to do the homework. Even though you knew that some of the chapters weren't necessarily going to be to our liking, you still tried the best that you could to help make it more exciting for us. I also like the fact that you played in that 3 on 3 tournament with Danny and Sunny. That really surprised me, considering that you aren't a basketball coach or anything. It showed that you enjoyed your students as much as they enjoyed you as a teacher.

The class this year I thought was quite interesting and I actually learned quite a bit. I thought most every chapter to be interesting...