Reflection on “Applying Bloom’s Taxonomy”

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To me, ?Applying Bloom?s Taxonomy? is just a checklist for teachers. This checklist helps teachers to find out different words to better explain a concept for students. Teachers could also use different words to help individual students get the concept they are trying to portray, and therefore guiding the student in the assignment they are supposed to complete.

I can see many ways in which I can use this checklist in my lab now. When a student doesn?t understand an assignment, instead of racking my brain on trying to figure out how to explain something to them, I can refer to the taxonomy checklist. I am thinking I may do jut that. I will print this out, make me a better copy of it, and place it on the wall as a reference tool. Children, at least the intermediate grades can use this checklist to assist themselves in an assignment.

I can also see how I can revise this checklist in ways I can help my future students with special needs. Every classroom has different abilities, which require differential instruction in the classroom. Well, my students with special needs will be no different. In way I have already been using this checklist without even knowing it. I use differential instruction in the lab and when I work with children with special needs. I have to change the wording of the instruction or assignment so individual students can understand. I do have trouble, sometimes, figuring out what words to use and still keep the assignment the same. So this checklist will help me to do that.

Teachers can get so stressed out that they may feel like they are brain dead. They may not be able to think of how to word a specific assignment or concept,