Refugees in Wyoming

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Refugees in Wyoming

It is very apparent that due to the cultural distinctions of the Somali people along with their attainment of less control and power of their own lives, they've been subordinated as minorities by most people in Wyoming. This in turn has led to the institutional discrimination that exists within their community. From the article, I've concluded that the majority of Wyoming's residents are reluctant liberals as the article states that the refugees are generally treated nicely but reject for job opportunities. This could only mean that although the employers hold no discrimination toward Muslims, the fear of losing money as a result of people's general negative perceptions influence their decisions.

According to the Journal of Muslims Mental Health, research conducted in the United Kingdom regarding the subject of Islamophobia, also known as the dread or hatred of Muslims in 2006 showed that discrimination against Muslims had increased since the events that took place on September 11, 2001.

This could very well possibly explain the source of the people of Wyoming's attitude towards Muslims as I believe they are motivated by fear. Therefore, this stereotypical perception of Muslims must change as pluralism must be encourage among the people because throughout human history, fear has been the motivation of many conflicts from America's Revolutionary War to the Civil Rights Movement, to the Cold War.

And so, I believe that the current situation in Wyoming requires the intervention of the Federal Government as Affirmative Action needs to be taken in the state. Secondly, the Federal Government's intervention is also needed in Wyoming because the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is in great need of enforcement by The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as institutional discrimination is a great problem in the state. Subsequently, taking these actions will most likely decrease discrimination...