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The study of ideas that are central and exalted. Students who seek the understanding of principles and truths. This is Philosophy. Or is it?

"Love of Wisdom" is the Greek definition of the word Philosophy. The meaning of the word has changed however throughout the many years of study and refinement by others. Early scientists were considered to be Philosophers, as the study of the universe, nature, and the environment surrounding them was popular at the time. These knowledge seekers were looked at in regard that their research was fueled by their love of learning. This however is not the case today. Philosophy has been turned into a game of questions, and thinking on topics that are far from knowledgeable. "What is the meaning of life?" "What do we know?" "Why are we here?" Methods of research in these matters usually consist of logic, meditation, theories and speculations.

Other methods of Philosophy differ due to Philosophy's nature and methods of using inquiry to solve its problems.

Often framing their questions as problems or puzzles in order to give clear examples of their doubts about a subject they find interesting, wonderful or confusing. A Philosopher will typically frame their problems in a logical manner, and then work towards a solution based on critical reading and reasoning. Language is the philosopher's primary tool. The refined art of debating problems and solving situations and questions is the razor sharp sword that the keen philosopher uses to wield against opposers. Philosophers analyze concepts such as existence, knowledge, and beauty. Most concepts that are answered are considered by Philosophers to be "outside the scope of other disciplines". Motivation for investigation comes through questions such as:

* What is truth?

* What is unknown?

* Are values absolute, or relative?

* What is reality, and what...