The Reign of Terror Robespierre, the chief architect of the

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The Reign of Terror Robespierre, the chief architect of the reign of terror, wanted to erase all the signs of monarchy. They killed anyone who was for a monarchy or had helped the monarchy. It lasted from 1793 to July 1794. They had quick trials and many people were wrongly accused. Even people who were not for it at all were sentenced to death. It all ended up getting out of control. There were forty thousand people that died during this incident. For fear of their lives the people wanted to end the reign of terror. They did so by killing Robespierre. Other radicals fell, and then the executions slowed down dramatically.

The reign of terror made sure there was nothing left of a monarchy by beheading the King and Queen and anybody who followed or believed in the monarchy insuring a democracy. This was a very scary time to live in because even if you were a good person, you could end up dieing.

It was good though because it completely ended monarchy. The people did not have to deal with unfair treatments anymore. They also gained equality, which was a very good thing for them. They now were a republic, which was a fair way of governing.