Rejuvenating powers of nature

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Rejuvenating Powers of Nature

Nature has many powers that can be an advantage to ones soul. Exploring these powers can be a benefit to a person's health. This paper will explain a few of these powers and why they are good for your body. These powers are as follows; isolation, pure air, good sleep, and the effects of the sun. Your soul is an important part of your body and you should know how to mend it.

Being alone and far from civilization can be a great thing for ones soul. When in the wilderness you can experience many more things than you ever would in civilization. A person may want to be alone for a number of reasons, stress or just wanting to be isolated to gather thoughts or for meditation. When you are alone you are free and can do whatever you feel like doing and there is no one around to bother you.

If you are isolating yourself in order to concentrate on something, it will be very easy and thoughts will flow through your mind.

Breathing fresh air is very good for your body and mind. Having fresh air to breath is good for clear thinking. In the cities the air is polluted and is not good for you to breathe in, smog in big cities is bad for your lungs and can give you headaches. It is proven that the better you breathe the longer that you will live. Breathing fresh air also relaxes your body.

Sleep is a very important function of your body. Having lots of rest gives you energy which you need to go through a day. Sleep is a good way to clear your thoughts, even when you are sleeping you can create more thoughts. It is said...