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Religion had a greater impact on the people of medieval times. This is because people were forced to believe in religion whereas working in the defence was totally optional. The church also had more power over defence because they controlled what the people believed and what the people did. The last point is that there were churches in every town and only one defence guild.

Firstly, the society of medieval times was under the control of the church. The church told the people what to and what will happen if they something wrong. If someone committed a sin, they were forced to believe that they would get punished after they die. They were told that they would get severely tortured by the demons in hell. Because of this, the civilians had to confess all their sins. The defence had no such power of the people of their village. Being in the king's army was optional.

Most of the time, a soldier would have to come from a wealthy background. Majority of the population were poor, therefore less people took part in the army whereas everyone did religion. If one refused to go to church, they would suffer consequences. They would suffer torture and/or death. There were no such punishments for going against the army.

Secondly, the church could also turned the peasants of the medieval times against the king; this is one of the political impacts. The bishops would say things like the king is a demon or satin and that you should not listen to him. This turned the peasants against the king and the army, giving the church more power. Because the king had no authority over the peasants, serfs could go against his will. Economical impacts include refusing to pay taxes. Once the church influenced the...