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Rembrandt was a Dutch artist who many people conceder one the greatest painters

in the history of Western art. His full name was Rembrandt Harmenszoon van

Rijn, and he had a great understanding of human nature, not only in painting but also in drawing and etching.

He was born in Leiden on July 15, 1606. Apart from the fact that he did not come from a wealthy family, he still went to school and later on to the university of Leiden. Soon he found that this did not interest him, and he wound up studying under a local master of art Jacob van Swanenburch. Later he studied under Pieter Lastman were he lernt historical paintings. At the age of 22 he returned home and taught his own pupils.

Rembrandt moved to Amsterdam in 1631. He married in 1634 to Saskia van

Uylenburgh, the cousin of a successful art dealer.

This really brought in the money for him as he contact with wealthy patrons who wanted portraits. In addition, Rembrandt's mythological and religious works were wanted everwhere

Between 1635 and 1641 Saskia gave birth to four children, but only the last, Titus, survived; her own death came in 1642. Hendrickje Stoffels, engaged as his housekeeper about 1649, eventually became his common-law wife and was the model for many of his pictures.

Because he liked to live the high life declare bankruptcy in 1656. his collection of art were sold at an auction to pay his debts, Unfortunately, the results of the auction including the sale of his house-were disappointing.

By doing this Rembrandt's interests were shown: ancient sculpture, Flemish and Italian Renaissance paintings, Far Eastern art, contemporary Dutch works, weapons, and armour.

This problem did not affected Rembrandt's work but if any thing happened it might of gotten...