Remember the Jews

Essay by bazook August 2004

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When the Nazis try to take over the Europe during the World War II, most of the people who were more affected were the Jew people. The Jews were blamed by Hitler, he was saying via propaganda to the world that all the problems that the world had were because of the Jews and that's why they had to exterminate all the Jew population. While Hitler was doing all this, some of the Jew resistances were planning how to fight against the Nazis but we need to recognize that the Jews didn't do anything wrong, they just were living their normal lives before Hitler's appearance but with these incidents the Jews had to see their families died in front of them, they had to see their houses destroyed, etc and all this really made the Jews stand up and fight for their rights, fight for their liberty, etc, most of the Jews fought with honor, courage and dignity against their enemies, in this case the Nazis.

Some Jews were fighting in the US Army, and some others fought inside of the concentration camps, inside of the ghettos, etc. there were Jews every where fighting against their enemies. The Jewish passed through many phases in which; first they had to fight against his own God, most of the Jews didn't fight because they were waiting for the messiah to come and save them, but a lot of the Jews refused to believe that the messiah will come and they lost their faith in God; second the Jews started to fight against their enemies because they just wanted to recover their land and also they were fighting to survived and get freedom; the third phase is finally the freedom of the Jew people. After all these phases most of the Jews became...