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It happened for descendants of Jewish people involved in their Holocaust. It happened for Japanese people placed in internment camps after world war I. It also happened for Aboriginal Americans who suffered from the colonization of the Americas. However, it never happened, and arguably never will happen, for African Americans. The subject is reparations, and whether or not African Americans should receive them for slavery and the effect it has had on our race.

SorrelBody acknowledges, regardless of how much descendants of Africa may deserve reparations, we may never get them. SorrelBody also recognizes our ability to succeed regardless of the crimes committed against us as a race.

Reparations are resources offered in return for harmful acts committed against a population. The offering of reparations is an acknowledgment of responsibility, and an attempt to correct the wrongs of the past, as well as an attempt to repair the damage of the wrongs of the past.

The payment is not always money, though it could be.

The arguments for and against reparations have been intense, yet the situation remains unresolved. Some people think the issue is not worth discussing. This text is not meant to bring forth issues that cannot be resolved. It is to make people think about this important subject, and consider what the reactions and sentiment, toward reparations, states about the status of descendants of Africa in the eyes of themselves and the world.

Some people dismiss the issue because some of the concepts involved in reparations for African Americans involve slavery, and they feel this issue is irrelevant in our current time. This text is meant to explore those issues as well as the issues certain people might miss because they dismiss the subject too early.

The Reasons

The reasons people propose reparations for slavery are...