Representative Democracy

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Representative Democracy I believe that representative democracy is more feasible than direct democracy. The mere thought of 250 million Americans voting at once on one topic is preposterous. It would be erroneous and extremely time consuming. Recently a fraction of the 250 million Americans voted in the Bush-Gore presidential election. This election was hampered with ballots being read incorrectly, miscounted, or lost. Imagine doing any type of voting with 250 million people. Representatives are more knowledgeable with policies, politics, and government systems. The average citizen most likely does not know about the policies and procedures for the governmental process. To compensate for this lack of knowledge, we elect representatives who best meet our needs and who are proficient in the government processes. Our government has been around since 1776 and in this short time period we have become the most powerful nation in the world. During the last 236 years our form of government has worked well, therefore there is no need to change to a direct democracy.

This form of government is totally impossible when it comes right down to it. Our system of checks and balances prevents one group of people from becoming too powerful, which is one downfall with the direct democracy. Our system may not be perfect, but it still beats any other form of government in the world.