Who is responsible for the authorship of the New Testament Writings?

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Biblical historians have many different opinions on who is responsible for the authorship of the New Testament writings. Concentrating on 1 and 2 Peter, their different conclusions can be analyzed. Scholars approach the study of authorship by carefully going over the writings themselves. They discover the how, when, why, who, and where of the writings. Each New Testament scholar has come to their own conclusion of the authorship of 1 and 2 Peter through this. Their different views of the authorship of 1 and 2 Peter will be discussed and compared in this paper. 1 Peter is a New Testament writing. It has only five chapters that seems to portray the purpose of bringing hope to Christians.

Christians should lead their lives by serving God and knowing that the judgement of God will be coming. Their faith will be tested, but Christians are told stay true to God. The point is to tell Christians that they should keep to their faith no matter what is going on in the world.

The people being addressed where those of the church whom were estranged from their old life. This letter has the same pattern of a Pauline letter, opening with a greeting and thanksgiving. Then it gives the purpose and reflects on the identity of Christians. It ends with an exhortation and closing. It is done neatly and kept in order. 1 Paul seems to have been written in Rome. It is written for the churches in the area of northern Asia Minor. The time period could range from 60-72 C. E. during the time of Paul whom is considered to have traditional authorship. 2 Peter appears to be the "last testament" of the apostle who had authorship of it.

Correct teaching is emphasized, showing that is a major concern of the...