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Appetizers! Fruit cup ( Five different types of fruit including apples, bananas, oranges, grapes and cantaloupe.) 3.89 Vegetable Tray (Assorted vegetables served with a pepper jack dressing) 3.89 Seafood Cocktail (Shrimp, Crabmeat, Lobster and Scallops w/cocktail sauce) 10.95 Nachos (Tortilla chips served with cheese, lettuce, tomato, beans, and salsa) 5.19 Mozzarella Sticks ( 8 Breaded cheese sticks with marinara sauce) 5.49 Hot Wings (Spicy chicken wings served with blue cheese dressing) 5.99 Jalapeno Poppers (Spicy breaded jalapenos with Monterey Jack cheese and red peppers) 5.89 Mixer (This includes a taste of four appetizers nachos, mozzarella sticks, hot wings, and jalapeno poppers) 9.89 Bread Sticks (Lightly seasoned bread sticks served with tomato sauce) 2.99 Sea Food Sampler (Shrimp, Crabs, and Lobster served with melted butter or cocktail sauce) 10.79 Soups! Broccoli and cheese (hot soup served with crackers and bread) 3.49 Cream of Potato (Light potato soup served with bread sticks) 3.49

Beef and vegetables (Thick soup with big chunks of meat and vegetables served with corn bread) 4.49 Salads! Caesar Salad (This salad is made w/ romaine lettuce and croutons topped off with light Caesar dressing) 4.29 Chef Salad (Served with three types of meat and vegetables w/ choice of dressing) 5.89 Macaroni Salad (Small noodles topped with light dressing and small chunks of vegetables) 3.39 Potato Salad (Made with potatoes and vegetables in a thick mayonnaise sauce) 3.39 Garden Salad (Fresh cut up vegetables with shredded cheese on the top served with any type of dressing) 3.39 Fruit Salad (Different types of fruit cut into square inch cubes and served in a clear bowl with whipped cream) 4.25 Sandwiches! Veggie Burger (A low fat burger made out of carrots and soy, served with vegetables and fries) 6.85 B.L.T.

(Bacon, lettuce and tomato served on lightly toasted bread with any side) 7.49 Grilled Cheese w/ Tomato (grilled cheese sandwich with grilled tomatoes in the middle served with soup of your choice) 6.99 Chicken Club (this sandwich comes with a chicken breast on toasted bun with veggies of your choice and one side of your choice) 7.59 Cheese Trio Sub (This sub has three different types of cheeses with l ettuce and tomato plus anything you would like to add, also served with chips or fries) 6.75 Turkey Combo (this sandwich offers three layers of turkey with any toppings you would like) 7.62 Entrées! Pepper Jack Steak Dinner (this dinner is enough to fill two people up!! It includes a 8oz sirloin steak with potato wedges and a stuffed baked potato with your choice of sauces and toppings) 13.49 The Big Seafood Platter (This seafood platter contains lobster, crab, shrimp, scallops, & fish with mel ted butter and or cocktail sauce with choice of two sides and free bread sticks) 17.89 Mexican Mixer (This is a large combination of Mexican treats, including, tacos, nachos, and burritos with Mexican salsa and hot peppers) 12.25 Veggie Tray (This is for you veggie lovers that like a low fat meal, this entrée includes carrots, broccoli, celery, cauliflower, and tomato with ranch dressing and cheese cubes, also free salad with tray) 8.99 Steaming Stir Fried Rice ( This meal includes everything, the rice and the vegetables are fried and there is a choice either two sides or a salad with free dinner rolls) 10.49 The All American Dinner Combo (This dinner includes a 6oz hamburger with choice of three sides and house salad) 8.99 Italian Dinner (This dinner comes with a large plate of spaghetti with toss salad and bread sticks) 11.35 Pork Chops and Potatos (This dinner includes a 8oz pork chop baked anyway you prefer with mashed,baked or wedged potaos and 1 side) 12.19 Grilled Lemon Chicken (This dinner includes lemon zested chicked breast (grilled) with any 2 sides and house salad) 10.23 Shrimp Parmesean (This dinner includes Tomato sause with cocktail shrimp with bread sticks) 13.54 Smoked Rock Fish (This meal is prepaired over the grill seasoned with lemon comes with baked potato and corn) 14.35 Shrimp Alfredo (This dinner includes jumbo shrimp and noddles with alfredo sauce and one side) 10.89 Stuffed Pizza (This dinner includes a large pizza stuffed with any veggies you prefer and free bread sticks) 12.58 Sides: mashed potatos, fries, corn, baked potato, peas, corn bread, side salad, chips and salsa, chips, wedges, rolls, rice, cheese fries, and macaroni...........all sides are 2.69 alone Beverages Iced Tea 2% Milk Lemonade Coffee Shakes (chocolate or vanilia) Soda (pepsi brands) Orange Juice Fruit Punch Hot Chocolate Apple Juice Desserts Peach Cobbler 3.95 Lemon Cream Pie 3.95 Strawberry cheese cake 3.95 Ice Cream (2 Scoops) 2.50 Chocolate Cream Pie 3.95 Cake of the Day 2.19