Revenge man's delight

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Revenge Man's Delight

Revenge, payback, settling the score, getting even, vengeance, whatever we choose to call it, it expresses an emotion that we all foster, yet we are rarely proud of .It exists within us all more often than we might want to admit.

Let's face it, if someone cuts in front of you on the highway, you blurt out an expletive, and cut off the other driver in return. What? A tougher situation? Ok! If a murderer kills someone you love, all you can do is make sure that retribution is delivered.

The idea that revenge is innately instinctive is thus highlighted. It is there in both animals and human beings. As for animals, I believe that most of you have heard the story about the white baby elephant, which saw the poacher killing its parents, and after a period of time this creature saw the same poacher and killed him in return.

Whereas the human case is more complicated, it's not only an instinct, but it's this instinct merged with anger and absence of maturity altogether forming a man acting blindly, not knowing about the consequences of his deeds.

I mentioned before the word retribution. What is it? It is the form of revenge we are used to. This retribution is exercised by our teachers at school, and by our parents at home. It's the punishment we get on doing wrong deeds. And when it is time for us to judge, we will practice the same thing and punish


people. While retribution is limited and doesn't necessarily relate to the victim of the wrong doer, we see that revenge as highly personal with no limits.

It is said that revenge is a sweet dish that is best served cold. This serving is the planning and the scheming...