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If this dilemma on our food crisis keeps up then there is little hope for us to survive much less for the youth in the country unless the appropriate actions are taken carefully in this sensitivity to stop the problem to keep on arising. The most relent years; I did observe that prices especially in the food department are increasing sharply. In an article stated the food crisis has hit Asia early on 2008, which several countries in Asia are put into a tight situation. It is stated that the analysts in the issue suffered in 2008 that caused the food emergency is that the demand of the people cannot be meet because there isn't enough food for everyone. If we look at it in an economic stand point, we start the problem in its basic form of the food's supply and demand equilibrium.

The supply in this case I think is not a large problem because some countries like China and India are producing more than they can consumed by the used of medical technology, so the problem must lie deeply on the demand side.

Therefore I conclude in my perspective, there is no rice shortage in our supply but rather the main problem lies on the rapidly increase in prices. I will not deny that our country is facing global agricultural problems on rice but if we think rationally about the situation we are in and try not to panic about the crisis then let say the Philippines of its large portion of percentage that the country needs rice so naturally it is produce largely locally within the country and another portion of the small percentage is our imported rice from Vietnam then there is no danger in our country on...