The Rise Of Communism

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Prospectus The Rise of Communism in Russia The rise of communism in Russia can be viewed as Russia?s greatest travesty. Not only has communism brought Russia to the very brink of destruction, but this concept has also destroyed countless lives. The term Communism (written with a capital C) is applied to the movement that aims to overthrow the capitalist order by revolutionary means and to establish a classless society in which all goods will be socially owned. The theories of the movement come from Karl Marx, and modified by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, leader of the successful Communist revolution in Russia. In the Communist Manifesto of 1848, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels applied the term communism to a final stage of socialism in which all class differences would disappear and man would live in harmony. Marx and Engels claimed to have discovered a scientific approach to socialism based on the laws of history.

They said that the course of history was to be determined by the clash of opposing forces rooted in the economic system and the ownership of property. Just as the feudal system had given way to capitalism, so in time capitalism would give way to socialism. The class struggle of the future would be between the bourgeoisie, who were the capitalist employers, and the proletariat, who were the workers. The struggle would end, according to Marx, in the socialist revolution and the attainment of full communism.

This study will examine the rise of communism in Russia, and will require an in depth look into 1.) the social and economic plight of the Russian population; 2.) Russia?s growing industry; 3.) Russia?s foreign policy; 4.) the leadership of Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin. This study will also examine the causes and affects that led to the communist rule of Russia;...