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3 June 2013

Sir Robert Borden:

One might say that Sir Robert Borden could have single handily split up Canada's nation into two by his decisions. Others might say that he is primarily the best and most successful Prime Minister Canada has ever had. Whether or not one might agree with either statement one has to agree that Borden certainly made significant contributions while he was in the office. He himself led Canada through the strenuous and tough times of World War I, gave women the right vote in 1918 and introduced policies that we still have to this day.

Borden's family arrived in Canada from England. They decided to emigrate from England after the American Revolution to Grand Pré, Nova Scotia. This was a popular spot for English emigrants to move to. Shortly after their arrival, Borden was born on June 26th 1854.

He grew up as any other normal kid would in Nova Scotia, with a hand full of brothers and sisters living on a farm that his dad owned while also working as a local stationmaster. Borden was educated at a local school―Acadia Village Academy. ( Teachers recognized his outstanding intelligence and skills at the young age of 14. Borden's strong intellect was so evident that his teacher requested for him to become an assistant schoolmaster. He learned politics traditionally from his family and was brought up supporting the liberals, but he eventually rebelled against his family's beliefs and became a conservative. Although Borden had not received any formal education, he managed to master various different languages including Latin, French and German. Borden also learned the basics of reading and writing from his mother. Borden did not attend university either but still gained employment...