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Case Study - Robert Rauschenberg

Angus Gregg -

Robert Rauschenberg was born in 1925 in Texas, America. A painter, sculptor, performer and composer he was very talented in many artistic forms and he left a lasting legacy in the art world when he died in 2008. His style was very different to previous movements pushing the boundaries of the current styles. His works were radically different causing to the critics distaste and shock. Eventually he provided other artists to expand their own styles and beliefs in the future using his style as a basis.

By influencing and providing the beginning of Pop Art and Neo-Dada by using everyday objects, assemblage and collage which artists later expanded upon his work was widely regarded internationally and his name has now become world famous.

Rauschenberg's works mainly featured techniques and mediums like mix media and collage as well as silk screen printing the likes of which had never been seen before. Many of his works also feature his 'combine' technique, a style of art in which Rauschenberg pieced together a work using 'found' everyday objects such as newspaper pictures and photos. These were printed colourfully on canvases or boards using mediums like house paint and were placed next to other found object such as street signs and scrap pieces of metal. Paint was also applied radically sometimes being smeared with equipment like car tires.

Rauschenberg has a complex life right through his career and before and after.