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Robinson Crusoe was a man with very strong will power. He loved the sea, and that is why he started to go on a journey out in the ocean. At first, his parents did not wanted to him to go on a journey, especially out to sea, as his eldest brother, who was lieutenant-colonel to an English regiment of foot in Flanders, was "killed at the battle near Dunkirk against the Spaniards" (page 1). His father gave him an excellent lecture and counsel against his plan, that middle life society is far the best way to live a life. As it would encounter the least amount of troubles. His mother, on the other hand, was not as strongly objective as his father was. She was just very concerned of her son's well being away from home, as any other mother on the globe would be. Nevertheless, neither his father's lecture, nor his mother's concern did take his passion away; he went on a voyage.

This first voyage was not very successful one, as the ship and her crew were encountered with a violent storm. After the voyage, he did not give up his dream of being out in the sea. Instead, he went on another journey and another after that. After terrible experiences of being a slave in some foreign country and shipwreck, he settled for a while. However, this "settlement" did not last long, as he went on another journey. This journey absolutely turned his life up side down. He and his crew were faced with very violent storm, which in result washed him and himself only, up on the isolated island. Since then, he began his life as a king of the island. He built a home in the cave at the bottom of the cliff, he ate turtles and its eggs (page 64), and he tamed animals and breed them(page 56). It was much easier to write about it, than actually having to do all these tasks. However, Robinson Crusoe managed to accomplish all these things plus other things such as maintaining his faith by reading Bible and praying, his literacy by writing journals (page 68 for example, but there are many more). Furthermore made a calendar for the island's each season and its weather significance (page 79), to help him in growing crops. All these great tasks were too much for a single man, but he have managed to do these works due to his great will power to survive. Again, because of his will power, he was able to manage himself as civilized as he could and not become a sort of uncivilized savage being. His will power is to be reminded of and to be learned by the many others, which will help every single person on this planet.