"The role and stance of the narrator Nick Carraway"

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"The role and stance of the narrator Nick Carraway"

Despite the title, Nick Carraway is the first character we meet, and

Appropriately his role in The Great Gatsby is crucial; without him the

Story would lack balance and insight. The first chapter is primarily

Dedicated to establishing his personality and position in the book,

Then moving on to Tom and Daisy. Nick is our guide in The Great

Gatsby; he relates the story as he has seen it and from what others

Have told him. He strives at all times to be objective and to make

Balanced comments just as he said in the beginning of the book, I'm

Inclined to reserve all judgements. The role of Nick Carraway is so

Important to the book that the character of Jay Gatsby could not

Exist. His objectivity is reinforced throughout to us by his scorn of

Gatsby which becomes known to the reader when he says he, represented

Everything for which I have unaffected scorn.

He registers contempt

For much of what Gatsby stands for; the falseness, the criminality, but

He still likes him. His ability to laugh at Gatsby and his false

Beliefs show he's neither charmed not wholly disgusted by Gatsby.

Nick's amusingly contemptuous remarks show his sense of humour, and

Although he is straight-laced, he does not bore the reader. Fitzgerald

Tells the audience of his age, thirty, which makes the them take his

Opinions seriously, as he is not some immature man. Nick is introduced

Directly, but Gatsby remains a distant and unknown character for a good

While. The establishment of Nick's reflective, tolerant personality is

Essential, as are his limitations, so we just don't dismiss him as a

Character speaking the words and feelings of the author. The fact that

He disapproves of Gatsby so early...