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The Role of God in the Meditations and Society As Descartes develops The Meditations God becomes demystified and more of an algorithm to explain existence. This is inevitable in his meditations because by doubting everything, he eventually has to find something that he could base all existence, while at the same time not going against church and being able to relate to something most people believe in. Not only does he portray God as a mathematical reference point but he also describes our short comings by contrasting them with the perfectness and infallibility of God. As time passed science developed and was better able to explain that which was previously unknown, and has therefore reduced the dependance of God in the explanation of how everything works.

Descartes turns god into an algorithm, a mathematical reference point that everything can be based upon. Descartes rationales that all existence can be explained with reference to God by using mathematics to show him as the center.

Descartes says that ?pure and abstract mathematics are the most certain of all.? (88) And with this certainty in mathematics he uses this as a universal language that everybody can understand.

He argues that God is like the center on a Cartesian plane. For example, on this plane everything is plotted with the reference to the center, Zero. If the referent ever became vague or missing all would make no sense and would surely fall apart. He uses this same argument to explain God?s role in our existence. Since it was believed that we were made in God?s image and we ourselves are not perfect, the lack of God, the perfect ideal, to model our lives against, would throw society into chaos.

God can be equated to the ideal just state that Plato explores in the...