Role of Media in Future War

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1. The history of war correspondence is not that old. So far known; it was first introduced in Peninsular Campaign of Wellington and thereafter in the Crimean as well as in the Boer Wars. During the First World War, the reporters were firmly under control of military and were not allowed to go to the front until mid 1915�. A strict censorship also applied on their reports. In the Second World War also, the situation for the media was not that favorable initially. Later on, the control on media was relaxed. After the Second World War, demand for more freedom in reporting by the war correspondent has drawn the attention of various corners.

2. In this world, everything undergoes a constant process of evolution. So as a result, new ideas and technologies develop. They are analyzed as to their effectiveness and basing on that they are being incorporated.

Media is such a place where these evolutions take place dramatically. In fact present age can be termed as information age. Harvard sociologist Daniel Bell termed it as ' Post Industrial Society'�. It denotes that communication and information technology is the main theme of this age. According to him professionals and technicians started replacing business entrepreneurs as the prominent social class under this age�. A few years ago, another prominent scholar Zbigniew Brzezinski has used the word 'Technetronic' to describe this new age in which communication will play a greater intelligence role. According to him, the postindustrial society is becoming a technetronic society which is shaped culturally, psychologically, socially and economically by the impact of technology and electronic particularly in the area of computers and communication�. So, the mass media should not only be seen as a driving force behind cultural and...