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Running Head: The Correspondence of Pliny and the Emperor Trajan 3

The Correspondence of Pliny and the Emperor Trajan

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What were the chief features of the Roman Empire at its height during the second century CE?

According to the textbook, the Roman Empire was at its height during the second century CE. This was a time in which the Roman Empire covered nearly three and a half million miles and had a population estimated to be over fifty million. This was the apex of the empire, and it the Roman Empire was characterized by a variety of distinct features. All free citizens in the Empire were granted citizenship. Moreover, there was sufficient cultural freedom for many groups to express their customs while still being in the Roman Empire. Latin was predominantly spoken in the western portion of the empire while Greek was spoken in the eastern portion of the empire.

The city-state was also an integral facet of Roman politics and culture and greatly influenced the social and cultural as well as political nuances of each area and its inhabitants lived their lives. During this time period, literature, Roman writing was as strong as it ever was, with many great works being writing during the second century. Other, facets of this empire included technological advancements such as plumbing, aqueducts, a currency, etc.

How did early Christian communities fit into the Roman Empire? How did Christianity contrast with other Roman religious beliefs?

The archetypical religions of the Roman Empire were overwhelmingly polytheistic, with notable religions being paganism. Christianity on the other hand was monotheistic. Christian communities did exist during the second centuries, but as time progressed and later into the 3rd century increased religious conflicts began to occur. The Roman Empire consisted of a mix of...