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Theodore Roosevelt was a man who accidentally fell into politics. Roosevelt came from a very close religious family that he had the up most respect for. He once said though that his father was the only man he was afraid of. The reason being is because he wanted his father and his whole family to be proud of him.

Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858. As a little boy he was always unhealthy.

His two main problems were he was very nearsided and had extremely bad asthma. His parents were always concerned about his health. Theodore's parents decided that getting him fit would be the best way for him to stay healthy. His whole family took a trip to Europe to help him get fit. From then on he always loved the outdoors. Also later on when at Harvard he took up boxing. He loved it but always believed that he was better than what he really was.

Later on in years when he was in the Rough Riders he was afraid of loosing his glasses, because his eye sight was so bad. His solution to that problem was to have as many a pair of glasses made. So when he went to fight he kept them in different places on his uniform. That way he would always be able to see which he thought it would better his fighting skills.

Roosevelt had a different way of thinking then most people. At first this gave him problems at Harvard, but after a while people gradually started to like him. He also dressed different than most people even later on in years when he got into politics. He was a very loud guy who always asked questions and gave his opinion on any and everything. Once he was described as...