The Rowdy 60's

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Rowdy 60's The Chicago riots of the 60's were very unruly yet necessary. They were necessary for the simple fact that it was because of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Every one knows who Dr. King is; I hope. Well if not, Dr. King was a peaceful man who wanted equality in rights for any and every human being. In the next paragraph I will be letting you know the info I learned about the Chicago riots from the Internet and my media library from my computer.

The cause of the riots in Chicago in 1968 were from the assassination of Dr. King. When people got the news they were very angered. So they took the approach of filling the streets and reeking havoc. To make matters worst someone called in the Armed Federal troops, I guess to intimidate the rioters and calm things down.. That didn't really help much at first because the rioters did their thing anyway's.

As you know there's always casualties to such situations as the riots of Chicago in 1968. The riots left seven people dead and hundreds of people injured, wounded .and also homeless. The worst areas damaged were on the west and south sides. Coincidentally the worst areas damaged were all the urban areas that African Americans lived in. Things were so bad that even two rival gangs congregated on the Midway to reek more havoc. That situation only assisted to the turbulent nature of the crowd.

To help give this report more of a intense understanding I am going to witness it from witnesses of the atrocity. According to one observer Chuck LaPaglia a staff worker Presbyterian Church. "There was an implicit threat in their mas rally in front of the University that if not dealt with, they could burn the building down." He was talking about the gang members burning down Midway college. The next person is Roger Black; a student in college surveying the riot. He wrote "I sit here typing my grief with my school books ranged around me. My books for the University that drove the poor people out of Hyde Park. My notebooks for the University that s driving the ghetto back south. The University whose bank was part of a consortium to help racist South Africa. The University that ignores a black group that is trying to get housing built for the people the University displaces, that shuts off to a back room the group that is trying to tutor black children, that automatically checks the ID cards of black people entering buildings at night, that shuts the black community out of the closest thing it has to a community center." To put closure to the subject I started by letting you know what I would be talking about. I let you know the situation and the cause of the riots. The cause which was because of the assassination of Dr. King. I told you some of the results from the riots. I also mentioned the part the gangs played in the riots. Lastly I gave you detailed comments from people who actually experienced the riots. So in conclusion by all this occurring it showed that we won't let the man get away with trying to keep us down, it showed that we get our revenge one way or another, and im sorry for the people who were killed or hurt but if it was up to me I would want them to do it again.