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The Investigation of the efficiency of resource gathering in RTS games

Gary Duan


Changchun American International School


In typical real-time strategy games, players build armies in order to defeat the enemy and vie for control of the battlefield. The armies in play can be as small as a single squad of Marines or as big as a full-blown planetary invasion force. As the commander of the army, the player has to observe the battlefield form a top-down perspective and issue orders to those units in real time. The key to the success is to put everything into the most efficient use, especially the resource gathering. It is the foundation of the game and a player can gather resources in a most efficient way. In my Internal Assessment, I will discuss the efficiency for farmers in the game of gathering resources using the method of operation research. By modeling the gathering process, I will find the most efficient way to gather resource.

Aim of the investigation

The aim of the discussion of resource gathering is to find the most efficient way, in this case, how to gather the most amount of resource in the fixed period of time. The whole investigation is based on the data that is given on the battle net.

Although there are three different races (terran, zerg, protoss), the way of gathering resource is somehow the same. So in further discussion I will use the race Terran as the object of study.

Ostensibly, it is believed that the more minions are working, the quicker the resource will be gathered. However, experimentally, players can tell that the theory is incorrect. I assume that different numbers of minions will create different line with different slope.

The assumption of mine is that the total amount of the resource...