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Thumb revolution

What would the world be without technology? In fact, technology is promptly evolving in sophistication, which literally affects sizes. For instance, apple products, their sizes and weights are remarkably reducing to become friendlier user. Nowadays, it has been playing a vital role in facilitating human interaction. Texting, an action of delivering messages from one person to another, is becoming universal to young energetic people - teenagers. In "rules of thumbs", the writer Natalie Moore cherishes the initial comfortable feelings that texting brought, but later complains how it became problematic in vis-Ã -vis conversation, which is the main reason that led to relationship's crackdown. Through that unforgettable experience, several useful statistics and tips are given as a lesson. The argument is fascinating, informative and well built.

According to Moore, her previous boyfriend was a text-o-rama, addicted to texting through cell phone and never wanted to talk in person. Indeed, there was a day when Moore did not bring her phone, later she received tons of messages and his blame for "lack of communication" (172).

When she and her boyfriend first met, it was so exciting that she always received his sweet messages everywhere she went (Moore 173). However, the boyfriend became so addicted to texting that he never picked up her call but fired off a snippy (Moore 172). This made Moore feel so coercive in a sense of having to text him back, she felt so tired of it (Moore 173). Gradually, this problem was killing the romance of relationship when the amount of text was "overkill" (Moore 172). Moore realizes that "texting cannot replace the human voice or touch" (173).

Moore offers evidence from a professor of new media at Colombia College Chicago, Bab Iverson, says that "digital immigrant" and "digital natives" have become the two new...