Russia's Path To Communism

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Russia, like many other countries, has an extensive history of battles stemming from which way of government is the right way of government. The revolutions and civil wars that went on in Russia resulted in millions of death and repression to those who were spared. These disputes over the way to govern can be traced back to the days of autocracies.

Tsar Nicholas II is often thought of as a horrible leader. The majority of his people were very unsatisfied with his rule but listened to him anyways for reasons of fear and worries of surviving. However, during World War I, conditions were so intolerable that the people finally decided to overthrow the Tsar. They were starving, the prices of goods and food were outrageous, and above all, the Russians were tired of being at war. The people were also upset because the Tsar appointed unqualified officials and seemed to be influenced by Rasputin, a strange and inelegant man hired to heal the Tsar's son.

The workers in Petrograd protested food shortages and government. The Tsar sent his secret police to break up the protests, but this was a failure because the soldiers handed their weapons over to the workers. The workers then took over the government, and the Tsar abdicated his throne.

A Provisional government made up of Tsarist officials and other wealthy people took over and would stay in power until a constitution was written. The Provisional government was the official power but very few listened to them, probably because Russia remained in the war, which is exactly what the Russian's didn't want. The Provisional Government, looking for support, gave complete freedom to the people, which didn't really help them gain to much support. Also, at this time the Petrograd Soviets, communists organized into committees, were emerging. The...